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Yoga Sadhana is Australia's first studio specialising in Isha Hatha Yoga, a classical school of yoga that teaches the ancient spiritual practice in its most authentic form.

Danny worked with studio founder, Abhishek Guru, to establish a holistic brand strategy and commercial structure that would help position the studio as a premium, high-quality offering in the competitive Sydney marketplace.


As well as developing the brand image, website, program collateral, shopfront, and assorted marketing media templates, we also worked together to structure the program formats and the studio's communications plan to ensure that the full depth of the studio's offerings is explained with clarity and grace.


Minimalist language, desaturated photography and subtle colour tones evoke a sense of calmness, clarity and understated beauty, communicating the core qualities of the studio brand.


Every touchpoint – from printed flyers to social media posts – has been designed with great attention to detail, creating a seamless customer experience that speaks of quality, precision and care.


We worked with leading printers in NSW to develop new custom foiled certificate designs using an innovative 2-print process. This has resulted in a high quality yet economical outcome that can be used by the ASE for years to come.

Within 24 months of launching the new studio and brand communications, Yoga Sadhana achieved record growth, more than tripling its membership base and in the process becoming an exemplar studio in the global Isha Hatha Yoga movement.

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