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This is the story of an up-and-coming Adelaide-based architecture firm who accelerated their studio’s growth through a more refined brand proposition and targeted outreach. 

The new business name and visual styling aims to evoke a sense of craftsmanship, authenticity and restrained luxury, in closer alignment with the studio's architectural portfolio. This has been reinforced through stylised project photography and coverage in leading South Australian lifestyle magazines, helping the studio to grow in scope and size.


As part of the transformation, we workshopped a new company name, which now features Damien's full name, emphasising the personalised nature of the architectural design service, and helping Damien better establish a name for himself in the Adelaide design scene.


We developed a range of collateral for prospective clients, to help communicate the design process and assert the company's professionalism in negotiating the design, approval and construction management processes.


Past projects were photographed, a new website was developed, and the studio gained widespread media attention via local channels.

Within twenty four months the studio's project pipeline had doubled in size along with their team. The studio continues to work on innovative, boutique projects in Adelaide and surrounding regions.

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